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29.05.2018 | army

A military unit, or a sadomasochistic hell? The detention of the suspect in murder was not extended

A military unit, or a sadomasochistic hell? The detention of the suspect in murder was not extended
The small village of the Tavush region, where we visited, is one of the distant frontiers of Armenia. Here we found the house of the soldier serving in the "Yeghnikner" military unit; he was put behind the bars for about half a year in Shushi prison. He is accused of killing his fellow soldier Narek Adibekyan (Criminal Code Article 104, Part 1).

According to him, Narek Adibekyan persecuted, beat and raped him for about three months, as a result of which on December 11, 2017, after Adibekyan cursed him, he stuffed his rifle and, as described by him, killed Narek Adibekyan at least eight times by launching separate shootings. The “official” murderer`s sister believes that if everything she has heard about the incident is true and her brother “has been tortured three months and then has done it,” then he did the right thing. "”What should he do: kill himself? They say, if he allowed to do these things to him, it means he was weak, but if he had committed suicide, he would have been weaker,” the sister says.

At the request of the family of the accused soldier, we do not publish the name of the soldier and of the village. We will conditionally call him M. M.

Shameful details, hidden from the mother

Z. is unaware of why her son shot the fellow soldier; she was spared from the “shameful details” of the incident. She learned of the murder two days later. "It happened on December 11, they called and told us that our child has shot a soldier on 13th." The mother told us that, after the incident, she has seen her son only once and had the opportunity to talk to him for 5-6 minutes only when he was brought to Nubarashen psychiatric hospital for a forensic examination.

“They brought him to the psychiatric hospital in late February. He said, ‘I killed him, mom; he was constantly harassing me.’ There were policemen around, they did not let us talk long" she tells crying but still believing that the killer was her son. To our question on why she believes so, she replied: “He told me so.”

“If he passed by and were slapped, he wouldn’t even bend his head to react”

Meanwhile, his fellow villagers were astonished when they heard that M.M. had killed somebody. "That child was so peaceful, relaxed, modest. If he passed by and were slapped, he wouldn’t even bend his head to react,” the village head tells us. “He was a humble guy, never hurt a fly in his life,” a neighbor says. “My boy was shy. He was taking care of our home, was working with us equally,” moans the mother.

The villagers also conveyed that there were burns on both palms of M.M.’s hands. “They say that the boy was being harassed by the entire military unit. They would seat him in the middle, with his palms up, and from both sides the soldiers would smoke and use his palms as ashtrays,” one of M.’s neighbors said. From this description, it is clear that there was not just one person that tortured M.M.

According to the forensic report, there really were traces of burns on his palms, injuries in the areas of his lips, cheeks, buttocks, nose, testicles, also, there were rectal mucosal hemorrhages, inflated skin, cracks, ruptures, morbid changes of veins and traces of penetrations of blunt and rough objects in the rectum area.

The investigative body considers the murdered soldier Narek Adibekyan guilty of all these injuries.The mother of M.M. says that after each return from the military duty her son would get treatment in the medical unit: “I cannot get it: what were they doing with my child?” tells the poor woman.

Minimums 12 ballots have been shot, but the investigator has shown 6

The family trusts the investigators of the third garrison department of the NKR. Unlike them, representative of Narek Adibekyan`s successor Hayarpi Sargsyan and expert Ruben Martirosyan question the official version. Having examined expert conclusions, they noticed that the investigators have removed a bullet case mentioned on the package presented to the experts, with help of which it would be possible to determine whose weapon was used, and replaced it with a bullet, thus, in fact, blocking the possibility of detecting the shooter. 

“At the scene of the incident, not only M. M. but also Adibekyan or another person or persons have been shooting. We have three crimes noted by the expert group. At least six bullets have been shot, but the investigators have shown only six of them,” says Hayarpi Sargsyan. She has filed a complaint against the investigators, but no response has yet been received. The members of the family of M.M are unaware of the complaint. They do not even know that their son, who has served more than a month in the "Yeghnikner" unit, has been drafted to the army with restrictions as the medical commission has concluded that the young man was “infantile.” Despite that, M. M. has served in the frontier for 10 months, has gone on duty to the posts and has carried arms.

“I say what my client told me”

According to the family, M. M was kept in the Shushi prison until mid-May but now he has returned to the service and is in Stepanakert, at the military police checkpoint, where barracks conditions are being provided for isolated servicemen.

What changes did occur, why was M.M. transferred to the military police, has his allegation been changes? Artak Voskanyan, Deputy Chief of the Third Garrison`sInvestigative Department, responded to Forrights.am. “No, the allegation is the same. I cannot convey any information about the preliminary investigation.”

M.M.’s advocate Marina Hakobyan told us that his client was taken to the military police because this time the court did not accept the motion of the investigators to extend his detention. What is the reason? Does this mean that the court does not believe that the murderer is M.M.?“

All I can say is that the court did not extend his term of detention,” said the lawyer.We had a short telephone conversation with her.

“Are you aware that the lawyers of the victim`s legal successor have filed a complaint against the investigative body?”


“Do you believe that the killer of Narek Adibekyan is M.M.?”

“I say what my client told me; and he says he did it.”

“We are interested in your personal opinion. Do you think it is possible that there were other people who have harassed M.M., that there were other shooters or a shooter at the scene of incident?”

“There is no such thing. Let’s leave my personal opinion aside. This is an big case, extensive work has been done here, and we have reached the end. There is no such a fact that M.M. had an argument with anybody, all episodes point to Narek.

Shuzan Simonyan


One of the disclosures of the National Security Service is about embezzlement of fuel at the N military unit from December 2017 to June 2018. Criminal cases have been instituted under article 179 of the Criminal Code of Armenia, which concerns large-scale misappropriation by agreement am

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